How To Invade The Philippines Singles Scene

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Beautiful Filipina SmileMany people prefer Filipinas because they are sweet, caring, loyal, and virtually anything else that any person could want in a wife or girlfriend. For those who want to know where Filipina women hang out in the Philippines singles dating sites are the places to check out.

There are numerous dating and personal sites online that are dedicated to pairing people looking for love with the right Filipina women, whether these women are in the Philippines or anywhere else in the world.

How to Invade the Philippines Singles Scene

Whether you are looking for love online or looking for it in the real world, the Philippines singles dating scene is overflowing with beautiful and caring Filipina women who are also looking for love.

However, just like other women in the world, Filipinas know how to pick their men. Most Filipinas are modern, stylish, and sophisticated and are looking for a person who knows how to respect them and to treat them right. Many Filipina women work and enjoy flourishing careers and most of them can stand on their own financially. It is therefore important for any man to show that he knows how to be sweet and caring and at the same time respect his woman’s independence.

Looking for Love Online

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Many Filipina women especially those who grew up in the city are regulars in the dating scene, so finding an attractive Filipina will not be that hard to do. You can start looking online if you are tired of going to bars or clubs. A lot of Filipinas are no longer hesitant about going online for love, especially since online dating has lost the stigma that was once associated with it.

Start your Philippines singles dating experience by going online and you will be surprised at the number of attractive and interesting prospects you have. However, although finding a Filipina is easy, getting her to be interested in you may not be that easy to do. Be a gentleman, treat your date well, and be honest; generally, that is what all women, Filipina or otherwise, want in a person.

Beautiful Exotic Women – Filipina Wives

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philippine-singlesWith her petite body and sweet smile, a lot of men are drawn to Filipina women like a moth to a candle flame.  When it comes to finding a mail-order bride, lot men want someone with a sweet nature and high moral values, therefore a Filipina women is someone they look into seriously.

There are a lot of other reasons why anyone who wants a mail-order bride should consider choosing a Filipina woman.  Here are some reasons to consider a Filipina wife and some questions you should ask yourself before you seek one out.

Friends and family: This is the woman you are wanting to spend your life with and who you will raise a family with.  Is this someone you are going to be comfortable introducing to the people that are in your life like friends and family? If the idea of this feels uncomfortable or awkward, then you are not ready yet.

Your finances: You are about to become a husband, do you have the right job and financial situation to support a wife?  You are going to have to buy your new wife clothes, and everything else she needs. You may see that the cost is quickly adding up, so you better make sure you are prepared before you take such a huge step.

Time is on your side: There is no need to rush things.  It is really important that you get to know the woman you are thinking about marrying.  Write letter to her, or talk to her on the phone, take a vacation to her homeland so you can see and learn more about the Filipino culture.  Remember, this is the combination of two distinct cultures, yours and hers, and you need to learn as much about hers as you possibly can.

Research: How hard will it be to bring your Filipina bride to the country you live in? What about immigration? It might be a good idea to do your homework so you can know what the immigrating procedures are and if there is going to be some documentation you need to do.

Filipino friends: Do you know anyone from the Philippines?  Sometimes this is the best way to meet a Filipina that you may want to marry; your friend can introduce you to a Filipina and that will also go a long way with her family if your friend can vouch for you.

Congratulations on your decision to become a responsible man and find yourself a good woman to start a family with. Filipina woman are very beautiful women with their dark, straight hair, lovely faces, and beautiful smiles.  Filipina are also known to be women of strong moral values, and they firmly believe in the power of family.  Just remember that you are about to do something that will change your life forever, and it may be a good idea to do some research first so you understand the culture and people you are about to marry into.  Good luck!

How to Look for a Filipina Bride

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Sexy Filipina in swimming poolFilipinas are known to be hardworking, caring and very devoted. Finding a Filipina for a wife can be ideal especially if you want to lead a sweet and simple life of a married man. Without any generalization, it is hard to say what the Filipina soul consists of, but we can approach it by taking a look at family values.

Family is one of the areas where accent is made with regard to the Philippine culture. The family is everything to any Filipino or Filipina and that can explain, to a certain extent, the reason why many people leave family and country to do menial work abroad, sacrificing their own comfort for the welfare of their kith and kin.

People searching for Filipina brides are everywhere. They do not just find women who are beautiful, but women who still retain something of the cultural values that reflects something of what is most essential in humans: the caring solicitude and the tenderness that flows from one heart to another.

If you are looking for a Filipina bride, there are things you would need to consider. You should not be in any rush. Philippine women love to be courted for a long time. You should start wondering if a woman would want to get things done very fast.

Filipina Dating and Social Media Sites

philippine red bikini girlYou should be very careful if you are looking for a bride using social media sites. There are many people who get scams in sites like Tagged and Facebook. Some old women would pose with pictures of models or pictures that are more than ten years old.

It is always important to verify the identity and the age of the person you are in correspondence with. Do not always trust people you haven’t seen personally.

Physical contact is very different from virtual communication. Some people may seem wonderful when they chat, but when it comes to personal interaction, they may have grave problems.

Do not be fooled to think that all Filipinas are the same. You will find nasty situations where women want a husband who will take them out of poverty and bring salvation to their family. You should cut off communication with any woman who starts by asking for favors.

There are some who work for marketing sites and would ask favors like clicking an ad or joining a site. If you are patient, you will be able to meet an unsophisticated and selfish Filipina worthy to bring happiness and joy into your life. You just need to be intelligent the way you go about looking for one.

5 Tips for Dating Filipinas

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Filipinas are some of the most sought-after women in the world and for good reason. Asian women, in general, are often very loving, catering, passionate, ambitious, and make the best wives. And, you can find pleasure in knowing the Filipinas are no exception.

They are also extremely fun, typically speak good English, and are very adventurous. Best of all, they are both very curious and enthusiastic about learning about new cultures and languages.

So, whether you’re looking to date and meet Filipinas online, or find single Filipinas in-person, read these 5 Tips for Dating Filipinas to maximize both your success, and awareness for getting the most out of your time, energy, and efforts.

cute filipina

1. Identifying Maturity through Experiences

Whether or not age is a reliable predictor as to how mature your Filipina is likely to be is uncertain, although it can offer you a pretty good idea of where she’s been, or most likely looking to go.

It is important to realize that experiences can equally contribute to maturity, and that generally speaking, Filipinas over 25 years old are likely to be that much more mature than those that are 19 or early 20’s.

So, whichever age women you pursue, keep this in mind when dating Filipinas and know that while perhaps more mature at a younger age, they do have their share of seemingly inevitable “quirks” that will drive some men crazy.

Having doubt? Then just ask about or try to meet her friends and family if possible. This should give you a better idea of the type of person she is, and any potential for future problems, maturity, or success in a relationship.

2. How to Avoid Games and Drama

While it’s true that nearly any type of woman is sure to give you your fair share of drama, Filipinas can be especially challenging, ‘energetic’, or annoying in this manner. So, it becomes your responsibility then, to ensure you are avoiding dramatic or “maarte” women – or those that think they are better than everyone else.

single filipina

Also, try to look out for the “tell-tale” signs, like always asking for money, making up elaborate stories about why she needs it, why she’s always late, or unable to answer her phone.

Try to also make sure you lay down boundaries and don’t be afraid to push back and stand up for yourself – or anything else you feel crosses a line. Of course, as every woman is different, it’s impossible to predict the types of drama she might throw at you – but serious jealousy and insecurity are just two popular ones among Filipinas to name a few.

Also, lying is not uncommon among Filipina’s, so look out and avoid these types of women like the plague, as well as those that seem to always be trying to push your buttons, or come off as unusually selfish.

Rest assured, while most are not like this, there are plenty that are in certain places so it’s much better that you avoid them now rather than pay the price later.

3. Dealing with a Jealous Girlfriend

Dealing with a jealous Filipina girlfriend can go either way, but if you’ve only just started dating or aren’t “official” then it certainly isn’t something you should feel obligated to tolerate beyond a certain point.

filipina beauty

Remember, jealousy now, will most likely translate to controlling later on, lots of drama, arguing, fighting, or an otherwise unhappy relationship.

So, when possible, avoid these types of Filipinas. And, while confidence is great and should help you stay away from the “bad ones”, try not to date or get serious with one that’s full of herself, as we all know – or should know – that these types of women can think they’re too good for you, and wind up getting bored with or cheating on you later on.

While sure, there are different ways to “counter” jealous behavior when dating a Filipina, the truth is that if you have to play these types of games – then unless you enjoy pain and stress –chances are you’d simply be happier with someone else. Remember, there are far more nice, sweet, and beautiful, single Filipinas to go around than good men, so don’t ever feel like you have to limit yourself.

4. Meeting the Family and Enjoying Life

When in the Philippines, or just feeling out a Filipina girl online, learning about the types of people she hangs out with, what her family is like, and the things she enjoys the most can really help give you a deeper perspective on what type of person she is.

So, if and when possible, try to hang out with a friend or two of hers at least once, ask about her family, and try to discover the types of things she enjoys. While “dull” or boring as some might be, it sure beats excessive alcoholism, drugs, or bar-hopping for a lot of men seeking something more serious.

kathryn bernardo

Remember, if she doesn’t have a lot of personal hobbies or activities she enjoys, this doesn’t mean she won’t have the potential to make new ones, or even possibly enjoy ones similar to you.

Don’t be discouraged, stay focused, and try enjoying life together with your new Filipina girlfriend!

5. Telling the Difference between a Filipina Girlfriend and “Wife Material”

Firstly, it’s important to know when, how, and where to set boundaries with any Filipina girl you’re interested in, talking to, or dating. That is, especially if you’re serious about possibly taking your relationship to the next level.

So, this major piece of advice for you is rather “simple”, but extremely meaningful. That is, if your Filipina girl of interest or girlfriend has more than one, or multiple Facebooks and cell phones, or tablets, then chances are you’re dealing with a girl that either is now, or has in the past done some things to get ahead in the world – perhaps gold-digging – that are less than respectable.

pinay princcess

Most problematic, is that she has the potential to do it again in the future, so this is a big no-no and more often than not the type of Filipina to either date without serious commitment, or look elsewhere should you be looking to take things to the next level or get married one day.

Also, if your Filipina girlfriend goes through your phone a lot, or receives and has oddly large amounts of money without being to explain where it came from, then consider this a red-flag.

Remember, if the woman you are with seems to enjoy creating drama – or is bored when there isn’t any – then unless you like pain, suffering, confusion, and arguing chances are you’ll be better off either by yourself or with someone else.

The Philippines is a huge country, so don’t underestimate that, or be afraid to travel around and get to know, meet, and date new people!

Living v. Visiting the Philippines: Finding Single Filipinas

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Coming to the Philippines is a great experience, will bring your life change, insight, and even potentially meeting the Filipina woman of your dreams.

Believe it or not, it isn’t hard to meet good people, or a fine Filipina to turn your life around and make you happier than you’ve ever been before.

The Philippines is a huge country, full of various cultures, sub-cultures, and different environments – such as beaches, mountainous regions, and small to major cities. And with this comes great variation to the types of women you can date, and friends you can meet.

Together, this all positively contributes to the life you create for yourself in visiting or living here short-term, long-term, or permanently.

Ultimately, just like traveling and immersing yourself into a new country and culture most places in the world, it will come with its various advantages and disadvantages.

However, we are confident that the pros far outweigh the cons, and what you want it to be is what you’ll get. You’ve heard people say it before, and it’s true, life is indeed what you make of it – and this is none the less true when visiting, or immersing yourself into Asian, or in this case Filipino culture.

There are several parts to successfully, and happily living a life in the Philippines, no matter the length of time, and should equally come with different expectations. Let’s review these different areas together, and explore what to expect, and how to maximize your experience – no matter the nature of your visit.

Determining Length of Stay: Meeting Filipinas

Whether you’re interested in visiting Angeles City, Philippines, or the beaches of Boracay, the metropolitan city of Manila, or seeing the “Chocolate Hills” (Hershey Kisses as they’re called) of Bohol region, your length of stay will dictate a lot.

For single men that are only looking to visit for one to two months maximum, it’s important to understand that this little amount of time will make it relatively difficult to find a Filipina, in most instances, that’s really looking for a serious relationship, or to be anything more than friends.

And while there are other ways to find sexy and single Filipinas, many foreigners visit the Philippines for other activities too, which helps to meet women along the way – such as surfing, the beaches, zip-lining, or exploring a (dormant) volcano or two!

lovely young Filipina girl

If you’re serious about meeting classy, single, educated, and friendly Filipinas, though, the mall, local festivals, and even simple cafes are a great way to do it. Going to bars is a hit or miss deal, and depending on your intentions can bring you much heartache.

So, in the case of three months or less it really becomes a gamble as to whether or not, and what types of Filipinas you might meet that would be interested in a meaningful, long-term relationship.

By going this route, you can also expect to likely spend a lot more money than most locals, or long-term tourists and fellow foreigner (residents) – as they’ve taken the time to get to know the people, current conversion rates, prices, and the “norms”, so to speak.

However, should you decide that you want to “get in with the locals”, focus on making new Filipino friends, and learning the language and culture you’ll greatly increase your chances of meeting more sweet, passionate, loyal, and fun single Filipinas.

Also, getting to know your local community, and perhaps not traveling around as much will also help you observe and experience how other foreigners live here, and gain both advice and firsthand experience with dating Filipinas outside of the “bar” or party scene – which while some men enjoy, not all find their true love so to speak by going this route.

Three Types of Foreigners v. Three Types of Filipinas

So you’ve decided you want to stay short-term, or even possibly live in the Philippines in hopes of finding your one true soul mate, and want to better understand the different types of women and foreigner residents here? Then read on.

Typically, there are about three different types of foreigners here, each equally contributing to the culture, appeal or desirability, and often reputation of fellow foreigners coming to visit, date, and possibly marry a Filipina.

The first kind is your “average” tourist that perhaps visits for a few weeks, to about two months maximum. This also includes those that come back for a repeat, or “short-term” visits. They can be quite knowledgeable, but are often more so here to mingle, enjoy the nightlife scene, and hit the bars.

Your second kind of foreigner is the “long term visitor” that may have come here with the intentions of only a short-term stay, but have elected to live here 6 months or more, and have engrained themselves into the local community.

And while this type of foreigner may still often hit the bars a lot and enjoy the nightlife, beaches, and other tourist activities, many grow tired of this and seek a more meaningful, long-term relationship with a Filipina.

These foreigners also often work part time, or “on the side”, although some will be much more open – or “secretive” – about others than this, depending on your relationship.

two charming Filipinas at the beach

The third kind of foreigner that you’re bound to come across at one point or another on your next visit to the Philippines are either those that have retired, intend to retire, or collect a pension and have settled down permanently.

Often, this will also include the group of foreigners – including women in some instances- that have gotten married, or decided to move to and open up to run a business here in the Philippines.

Three Types of Filipinas: How to Tell Them Apart

Next, up, we’ve broken down the different types of Filipinas you’re bound to come across, how to tell them apart, and what roles they play in the “dating-scene”.

The first time of Filipinas you’re likely to come in contact with, much in the same order as foreigners, is those that are of a younger age, or more “free” that enjoy going to the bars, enjoying the nightlife, or even working at a bar.

There are plenty of wonderful women to be met in this category, including those that work in a bar, but it’s absolutely a gamble – and also not something we want you to focus too much on. Most of these Filipinas speak basic, to fluent English. Moving on to the next category.

The second type of Filipina you’re likely to encounter are those that are either working full time, and or are students, and who often will speak English fluently. These women work in places like the mall, restaurants, cafés, or other modest jobs, and can make very good girlfriends or even wives.

They are typically excited to meet foreigners, and should not be very difficult to “woo” as far as dating goes, but, the longer you intend to or have already lived in the Philippines, the better.

Finally, the third type of Filipinas, albeit more rare unless you’re visiting or living out in a province, for example, Tarlac, Pangasinan, or Olongapo. These Filipinas are often much more conservative, have traditional cultural values, and can be very shy.

Many of them might also speak minimal to no English. Nonetheless, they too can make great wives, girlfriends, or even just really good friends. They are also, however, “hit or miss”, and again, depending on the amount of time you intend to visit or stay in the Philippines, the better chances you’ll have at dating, or possibly even one day marrying any of these single, sexy, loving Filipina beauties.

Extra Tip: Believe it or not, “simple”, small and local places like a “sari-sari” (convenience) store can be an excellent place to meet a nice, honest, and beautiful Filipina, or even a 7-11. It’s not too hard, and the more respect, time, and commitment you have, the better your chances are in the long-run.

Why Foreign Men Love Filipinas

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Men love the idea of finding and marrying the Filipina woman of their dreams. Filipinas have a strong heritage and are deep rooted within their own culture—arguably of similar nature to that of Latina’s if you take into account their close, family oriented values and love for God.

To top it off, Filipinas are naturally sexy and appealing. Filipinas don’t require much cosmetics or any surgical “changes” to be more beautiful than they already are.

While some Filipina girls desire to look like Western or American women by bleaching their hair Blonde and other random colors or wearing contacts, this should not be assumed to be ‘the norm’—in fact, if you find yourself surrounded by these types of Filipinas, it may be advisable to move away from that main city or Western influence if it’s not to your liking.

We say this, because such Filipinas with this personality type are known to be more of the “playgirl” type, or the ones that will play games or wind up cheating on you—or in a worst case scenario be one of the few that seem to have an insatiable taste for meeting and befriending multiple foreign men for whatever reasons.

Filipinos Stick Together

A cultural dynamic that many foreigners or visitors might miss is indeed the reality that Filipinos heavily stick together. They don’t let their own get messed with, abused, or mistreated under any circumstances. That’s right, so think twice before you make that potentially unwanted sexual advance or flirtatious comment when riding public transportation—as it could be looked down upon and even trigger an unwanted confrontation.

On a more positive note, thanks to Filipinos sticking together by nature, that means when you fall in love and get to meet and be a part of your Filipinas family, that they too will stick together and naturally protect you with their life. This is a huge plus and great reason why men are attracted to Filipinas in more ways than one—how many women do you know from your country that stick together or ‘ride and die’ so willingly for their own? Many modern countries and societies commonly have more of a ‘you’re on your own’ or ‘every man for himself’ mentality—unfortunately.

Filipino values are very admirable, unique, and arguably cultural ethics that we do not see, let alone as intensely, in our native countries. Speaking of intense, Filipina’s are passionate about their man and aim to please.

Passionate and Dedicated to Your Happiness


Filipinas—by nature—are committed to pleasing their husband and loved ones. Thanks to this, you can always expect your Filipina to stick by your side, be affectionate, compassionate, and aim to please you and your future family on a consistent basis. If she isn’t this type, it’s advisable to find one that is—as there’s plenty!

Filipinas are very fond of dancing, music, and adventuring. These are just to name a few of some of the most seemingly common cultural trends to-date. Thanks to this, your new Filipina love will enjoy taking you on adventures, to parties, “bar hopping” and just hanging out and meeting new people in new ways you’ve never experienced before!

Filipinas are very open-minded, and originate in a very free country by all means. Thanks to this, they are more open to new ideas, cultural differences, and molding a bit towards societal expectations you may have for your prospective Filipina wife—within reason, provided you find one with this desired “personality” to match such a willingness to adapt and make you happy.

A Desire to Explore and Provide


Filipinas naturally have a burning desire inside their hearts to not only adventure and explore new cultures, languages, places and people, but also to join these aspirations and combine them with providing more adequately and uniquely for their future family.

This means that not only will your Filipina strive every day to make sure you’re well fed—and they’re awesome cooks by nature thanks to their close relationship with their parents—but also make good faith efforts throughout their lives to further their education and career prospective so that they too can give back to or contribute towards the financial stability of your family together.

These are understandably huge turn-ons to any man, but especially foreigners or Western men since these mentalities are not as common in our native countries.

Feminine and Proud of It

Filipinas are naturally very feminine, always making sure they look their best for even a trip to the corner store, and take great pride in their beauty. Even better, most are very modest so you don’t have to worry about your woman constantly seeking the approval or opportunities to have other men flirt with them.

Filipinas have naturally dark, wavy hair that give them the appearance of a real life Asian princess. They love to smell good, have a great taste in style—regardless of their budgets or upbringing—and strongly value looking their best for their man—so not regrets post-marriage or “letting themselves go” gentlemen!

Due to being feminine and commonly classy and respectable women, Filipinas especially adore the thought of being with a foreign or Western man who will be chivalrous towards her, passionate, and openly connected or loving towards her in any environment.

Even better, Filipinas love feeling secure and protected, so that’s where you come in!

Why Filipinas Love Western Men


Unfortunately, Filipinas come from a country and culture that naturally consists of more often than not “playboys” or men (and husbands) that one way or another wind up either cheating on them, and or physically abusing them. Coming from such a machoistic culture, they especially crave and fall in love with the idea of being with a man (a foreigner) who will treat them better and how they believe they deserve to be treated!

When in Doubt, Take a Number

When in doubt, take a number, and we mean that literally gentlemen. The ratio of women to men in the Philippines is incredibly in your favor. So take advantage of that, don’t be afraid to collect a few numbers, and also consider that there are definitely some “playgirls” out there too, so use your common sense, take it one day at a time, and always make it a point to ask around and meet the friends and family of your newfound love and prospective wife.

Happy Travels!

Get a Filipina Wife on the Internet

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pretty-filipina-wifeHere in the Philippines, women trying to survive from growling stomachs and empty pockets invested in a sort of small-scale business with a capital of a fraction of a dollar.

Most women aged 18 years and above were seen in internet cafes of the towns and cities of the said country for hours of pressing the keyboards and talking on the microphone. In their monitors were the popular messengers and chatrooms of big Internet sites. And pop ups came popping trying to catch their attention and asking for their “asl”, a lingo term for age, sex and location.

I had a friend once and she told me he met a guy from the net. After days of chatting, this guy who’s an American sent her a few bucks and my friend was able to buy a new mobile phone which an ordinary student like me couldn’t afford.

It might be worth a try. But mine you, men are not qualified. Foreigners specifically Americans, Aussies and Britons were searching for the precious halves of their lives and their wanting women to complete these. Of course they’re men.

Filipino women were known in the world as overseas contract workers, nurses and domestic helpers. They’re hard-workers and trustworthy. But the best quality a foreigner might find from theseFilipinas is that they are sweet lovers. Filipinas are more submissive to their husbands and servants of her own home. They are more into making their husbands happy than their own selves.

Most Internet cafes had their businesses open for some years now because of the young guys playing on-line games and of course, Filipinas chatting with foreigners. At ten o’clock in the evening (morning in the states), the net surfing packages promoted by the café owners to lure more surfers started.

hot-filipina-beautySome café offers two dollars for an overnight of chatting and some retailed it at two cents an hour. These prices, though high for a common Filipina became affordable especially when they hear their “barkadas”(friends) met Americans or other foreigners.

The advantage of a common Filipina over other asian women is their knowledge of the language of a dollar-English. Though not fluent, but a commoner Filipino is able to write and speak and understand a sentence delivered in English. This tool made Filipinas equipped to be successful in this business. Though some insisted that what they’re doing is for excitement and love, but they could not take away from the doubters their true motive of the net dating games. Money.

But I’m not the perfect man to judge these women. I made some mistakes too. I just hope that it’s not a mistake for everybody to do these things because I think everybody, both the Filipinas and the foreigners were the true victims here. The women will be sacrificing the happiness of true love and the Foreigners will be investing money just for love.

However, in many instances, Filipinas really find true love in chatting with Foreign guys and vice versa. Maybe, one could not predict how love moves, and doing so in the internet is a mysterious work of love indeed.

Hot Filipino Girl

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Hot Filipino Girl
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why is the Filipino’s ideal beauty is “white”?

yeah why? you got whitening soaps, whitening pills (WTF?!?!) whitening, nose surgery etc. I know I lived there and saw commercials and stuff one pill even has this hot Asian girl that claims that the pill is used in the US and in Japan, wtf?
yeah and also, whatsup with the people wanting caucasians as spouses???

also I heard that this actor lady got mad because her son became “darker” (thus uglier in her opinion) in this modeling competition thing, what?

Because usually white=clean. I think that’s the meaning of the white area in the philippine flag.