5 Tips for Dating Filipinas

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Filipinas are some of the most sought-after women in the world and for good reason. Asian women, in general, are often very loving, catering, passionate, ambitious, and make the best wives. And, you can find pleasure in knowing the Filipinas are no exception.

They are also extremely fun, typically speak good English, and are very adventurous. Best of all, they are both very curious and enthusiastic about learning about new cultures and languages.

So, whether you’re looking to date and meet Filipinas online, or find single Filipinas in-person, read these 5 Tips for Dating Filipinas to maximize both your success, and awareness for getting the most out of your time, energy, and efforts.

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1. Identifying Maturity through Experiences

Whether or not age is a reliable predictor as to how mature your Filipina is likely to be is uncertain, although it can offer you a pretty good idea of where she’s been, or most likely looking to go.

It is important to realize that experiences can equally contribute to maturity, and that generally speaking, Filipinas over 25 years old are likely to be that much more mature than those that are 19 or early 20’s.

So, whichever age women you pursue, keep this in mind when dating Filipinas and know that while perhaps more mature at a younger age, they do have their share of seemingly inevitable “quirks” that will drive some men crazy.

Having doubt? Then just ask about or try to meet her friends and family if possible. This should give you a better idea of the type of person she is, and any potential for future problems, maturity, or success in a relationship.

2. How to Avoid Games and Drama

While it’s true that nearly any type of woman is sure to give you your fair share of drama, Filipinas can be especially challenging, ‘energetic’, or annoying in this manner. So, it becomes your responsibility then, to ensure you are avoiding dramatic or “maarte” women – or those that think they are better than everyone else.

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Also, try to look out for the “tell-tale” signs, like always asking for money, making up elaborate stories about why she needs it, why she’s always late, or unable to answer her phone.

Try to also make sure you lay down boundaries and don’t be afraid to push back and stand up for yourself – or anything else you feel crosses a line. Of course, as every woman is different, it’s impossible to predict the types of drama she might throw at you – but serious jealousy and insecurity are just two popular ones among Filipinas to name a few.

Also, lying is not uncommon among Filipina’s, so look out and avoid these types of women like the plague, as well as those that seem to always be trying to push your buttons, or come off as unusually selfish.

Rest assured, while most are not like this, there are plenty that are in certain places so it’s much better that you avoid them now rather than pay the price later.

3. Dealing with a Jealous Girlfriend

Dealing with a jealous Filipina girlfriend can go either way, but if you’ve only just started dating or aren’t “official” then it certainly isn’t something you should feel obligated to tolerate beyond a certain point.

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Remember, jealousy now, will most likely translate to controlling later on, lots of drama, arguing, fighting, or an otherwise unhappy relationship.

So, when possible, avoid these types of Filipinas. And, while confidence is great and should help you stay away from the “bad ones”, try not to date or get serious with one that’s full of herself, as we all know – or should know – that these types of women can think they’re too good for you, and wind up getting bored with or cheating on you later on.

While sure, there are different ways to “counter” jealous behavior when dating a Filipina, the truth is that if you have to play these types of games – then unless you enjoy pain and stress –chances are you’d simply be happier with someone else. Remember, there are far more nice, sweet, and beautiful, single Filipinas to go around than good men, so don’t ever feel like you have to limit yourself.

4. Meeting the Family and Enjoying Life

When in the Philippines, or just feeling out a Filipina girl online, learning about the types of people she hangs out with, what her family is like, and the things she enjoys the most can really help give you a deeper perspective on what type of person she is.

So, if and when possible, try to hang out with a friend or two of hers at least once, ask about her family, and try to discover the types of things she enjoys. While “dull” or boring as some might be, it sure beats excessive alcoholism, drugs, or bar-hopping for a lot of men seeking something more serious.

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Remember, if she doesn’t have a lot of personal hobbies or activities she enjoys, this doesn’t mean she won’t have the potential to make new ones, or even possibly enjoy ones similar to you.

Don’t be discouraged, stay focused, and try enjoying life together with your new Filipina girlfriend!

5. Telling the Difference between a Filipina Girlfriend and “Wife Material”

Firstly, it’s important to know when, how, and where to set boundaries with any Filipina girl you’re interested in, talking to, or dating. That is, especially if you’re serious about possibly taking your relationship to the next level.

So, this major piece of advice for you is rather “simple”, but extremely meaningful. That is, if your Filipina girl of interest or girlfriend has more than one, or multiple Facebooks and cell phones, or tablets, then chances are you’re dealing with a girl that either is now, or has in the past done some things to get ahead in the world – perhaps gold-digging – that are less than respectable.

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Most problematic, is that she has the potential to do it again in the future, so this is a big no-no and more often than not the type of Filipina to either date without serious commitment, or look elsewhere should you be looking to take things to the next level or get married one day.

Also, if your Filipina girlfriend goes through your phone a lot, or receives and has oddly large amounts of money without being to explain where it came from, then consider this a red-flag.

Remember, if the woman you are with seems to enjoy creating drama – or is bored when there isn’t any – then unless you like pain, suffering, confusion, and arguing chances are you’ll be better off either by yourself or with someone else.

The Philippines is a huge country, so don’t underestimate that, or be afraid to travel around and get to know, meet, and date new people!

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