Get a Filipina Wife on the Internet

Written by Gilbert. Posted in Filipina Wives

pretty-filipina-wifeHere in the Philippines, women trying to survive from growling stomachs and empty pockets invested in a sort of small-scale business with a capital of a fraction of a dollar.

Most women aged 18 years and above were seen in internet cafes of the towns and cities of the said country for hours of pressing the keyboards and talking on the microphone. In their monitors were the popular messengers and chatrooms of big Internet sites. And pop ups came popping trying to catch their attention and asking for their “asl”, a lingo term for age, sex and location.

I had a friend once and she told me he met a guy from the net. After days of chatting, this guy who’s an American sent her a few bucks and my friend was able to buy a new mobile phone which an ordinary student like me couldn’t afford.

It might be worth a try. But mine you, men are not qualified. Foreigners specifically Americans, Aussies and Britons were searching for the precious halves of their lives and their wanting women to complete these. Of course they’re men.

Filipino women were known in the world as overseas contract workers, nurses and domestic helpers. They’re hard-workers and trustworthy. But the best quality a foreigner might find from theseFilipinas is that they are sweet lovers. Filipinas are more submissive to their husbands and servants of her own home. They are more into making their husbands happy than their own selves.

Most Internet cafes had their businesses open for some years now because of the young guys playing on-line games and of course, Filipinas chatting with foreigners. At ten o’clock in the evening (morning in the states), the net surfing packages promoted by the café owners to lure more surfers started.

hot-filipina-beautySome café offers two dollars for an overnight of chatting and some retailed it at two cents an hour. These prices, though high for a common Filipina became affordable especially when they hear their “barkadas”(friends) met Americans or other foreigners.

The advantage of a common Filipina over other asian women is their knowledge of the language of a dollar-English. Though not fluent, but a commoner Filipino is able to write and speak and understand a sentence delivered in English. This tool made Filipinas equipped to be successful in this business. Though some insisted that what they’re doing is for excitement and love, but they could not take away from the doubters their true motive of the net dating games. Money.

But I’m not the perfect man to judge these women. I made some mistakes too. I just hope that it’s not a mistake for everybody to do these things because I think everybody, both the Filipinas and the foreigners were the true victims here. The women will be sacrificing the happiness of true love and the Foreigners will be investing money just for love.

However, in many instances, Filipinas really find true love in chatting with Foreign guys and vice versa. Maybe, one could not predict how love moves, and doing so in the internet is a mysterious work of love indeed.

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