Hot Filipino Girl

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Hot Filipino Girl
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MANILA, Philippines – Asia’s rising pop star. This was how prestigious weekly news magazine Newsweek described international singing sensation Charice, 18, in its article posted on September 16.
The Ed Hardy Boyz 2 The Case of When That Hot Filipina Girl Lost Her Tramp Stamp At Mini Golf from Nick Kroll and Jon Daly Video

why is the Filipino’s ideal beauty is “white”?

yeah why? you got whitening soaps, whitening pills (WTF?!?!) whitening, nose surgery etc. I know I lived there and saw commercials and stuff one pill even has this hot Asian girl that claims that the pill is used in the US and in Japan, wtf?
yeah and also, whatsup with the people wanting caucasians as spouses???

also I heard that this actor lady got mad because her son became “darker” (thus uglier in her opinion) in this modeling competition thing, what?

Because usually white=clean. I think that’s the meaning of the white area in the philippine flag.

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