Living v. Visiting the Philippines: Finding Single Filipinas

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Coming to the Philippines is a great experience, will bring your life change, insight, and even potentially meeting the Filipina woman of your dreams.

Believe it or not, it isn’t hard to meet good people, or a fine Filipina to turn your life around and make you happier than you’ve ever been before.

The Philippines is a huge country, full of various cultures, sub-cultures, and different environments – such as beaches, mountainous regions, and small to major cities. And with this comes great variation to the types of women you can date, and friends you can meet.

Together, this all positively contributes to the life you create for yourself in visiting or living here short-term, long-term, or permanently.

Ultimately, just like traveling and immersing yourself into a new country and culture most places in the world, it will come with its various advantages and disadvantages.

However, we are confident that the pros far outweigh the cons, and what you want it to be is what you’ll get. You’ve heard people say it before, and it’s true, life is indeed what you make of it – and this is none the less true when visiting, or immersing yourself into Asian, or in this case Filipino culture.

There are several parts to successfully, and happily living a life in the Philippines, no matter the length of time, and should equally come with different expectations. Let’s review these different areas together, and explore what to expect, and how to maximize your experience – no matter the nature of your visit.

Determining Length of Stay: Meeting Filipinas

Whether you’re interested in visiting Angeles City, Philippines, or the beaches of Boracay, the metropolitan city of Manila, or seeing the “Chocolate Hills” (Hershey Kisses as they’re called) of Bohol region, your length of stay will dictate a lot.

For single men that are only looking to visit for one to two months maximum, it’s important to understand that this little amount of time will make it relatively difficult to find a Filipina, in most instances, that’s really looking for a serious relationship, or to be anything more than friends.

And while there are other ways to find sexy and single Filipinas, many foreigners visit the Philippines for other activities too, which helps to meet women along the way – such as surfing, the beaches, zip-lining, or exploring a (dormant) volcano or two!

lovely young Filipina girl

If you’re serious about meeting classy, single, educated, and friendly Filipinas, though, the mall, local festivals, and even simple cafes are a great way to do it. Going to bars is a hit or miss deal, and depending on your intentions can bring you much heartache.

So, in the case of three months or less it really becomes a gamble as to whether or not, and what types of Filipinas you might meet that would be interested in a meaningful, long-term relationship.

By going this route, you can also expect to likely spend a lot more money than most locals, or long-term tourists and fellow foreigner (residents) – as they’ve taken the time to get to know the people, current conversion rates, prices, and the “norms”, so to speak.

However, should you decide that you want to “get in with the locals”, focus on making new Filipino friends, and learning the language and culture you’ll greatly increase your chances of meeting more sweet, passionate, loyal, and fun single Filipinas.

Also, getting to know your local community, and perhaps not traveling around as much will also help you observe and experience how other foreigners live here, and gain both advice and firsthand experience with dating Filipinas outside of the “bar” or party scene – which while some men enjoy, not all find their true love so to speak by going this route.

Three Types of Foreigners v. Three Types of Filipinas

So you’ve decided you want to stay short-term, or even possibly live in the Philippines in hopes of finding your one true soul mate, and want to better understand the different types of women and foreigner residents here? Then read on.

Typically, there are about three different types of foreigners here, each equally contributing to the culture, appeal or desirability, and often reputation of fellow foreigners coming to visit, date, and possibly marry a Filipina.

The first kind is your “average” tourist that perhaps visits for a few weeks, to about two months maximum. This also includes those that come back for a repeat, or “short-term” visits. They can be quite knowledgeable, but are often more so here to mingle, enjoy the nightlife scene, and hit the bars.

Your second kind of foreigner is the “long term visitor” that may have come here with the intentions of only a short-term stay, but have elected to live here 6 months or more, and have engrained themselves into the local community.

And while this type of foreigner may still often hit the bars a lot and enjoy the nightlife, beaches, and other tourist activities, many grow tired of this and seek a more meaningful, long-term relationship with a Filipina.

These foreigners also often work part time, or “on the side”, although some will be much more open – or “secretive” – about others than this, depending on your relationship.

two charming Filipinas at the beach

The third kind of foreigner that you’re bound to come across at one point or another on your next visit to the Philippines are either those that have retired, intend to retire, or collect a pension and have settled down permanently.

Often, this will also include the group of foreigners – including women in some instances- that have gotten married, or decided to move to and open up to run a business here in the Philippines.

Three Types of Filipinas: How to Tell Them Apart

Next, up, we’ve broken down the different types of Filipinas you’re bound to come across, how to tell them apart, and what roles they play in the “dating-scene”.

The first time of Filipinas you’re likely to come in contact with, much in the same order as foreigners, is those that are of a younger age, or more “free” that enjoy going to the bars, enjoying the nightlife, or even working at a bar.

There are plenty of wonderful women to be met in this category, including those that work in a bar, but it’s absolutely a gamble – and also not something we want you to focus too much on. Most of these Filipinas speak basic, to fluent English. Moving on to the next category.

The second type of Filipina you’re likely to encounter are those that are either working full time, and or are students, and who often will speak English fluently. These women work in places like the mall, restaurants, cafés, or other modest jobs, and can make very good girlfriends or even wives.

They are typically excited to meet foreigners, and should not be very difficult to “woo” as far as dating goes, but, the longer you intend to or have already lived in the Philippines, the better.

Finally, the third type of Filipinas, albeit more rare unless you’re visiting or living out in a province, for example, Tarlac, Pangasinan, or Olongapo. These Filipinas are often much more conservative, have traditional cultural values, and can be very shy.

Many of them might also speak minimal to no English. Nonetheless, they too can make great wives, girlfriends, or even just really good friends. They are also, however, “hit or miss”, and again, depending on the amount of time you intend to visit or stay in the Philippines, the better chances you’ll have at dating, or possibly even one day marrying any of these single, sexy, loving Filipina beauties.

Extra Tip: Believe it or not, “simple”, small and local places like a “sari-sari” (convenience) store can be an excellent place to meet a nice, honest, and beautiful Filipina, or even a 7-11. It’s not too hard, and the more respect, time, and commitment you have, the better your chances are in the long-run.

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