Why You Should Find a Wife in The Philippines

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Men from across the globe gawk at the idea of being with an Asian woman for their obvious cultural values and stunning looks. But what a lot of men don’t realize—especially without visiting—is that Filipinas in particular are very naturally feminine, always taking great care of their bodies, how they smell, look, and feel to the touch.

Filipina women always dress to impress, have a great taste in perfumes (without racking up $100.00’s on big name brands like Versace), love to and take great pride in looking nice no matter where they’re going, and interestingly enough (as it’s significant) bathe often between 2-3 times per day because of the climate—and because they just love smelling fresh and being their best!

Unbeknownst to many men, the Philippines actually has over 2,000 inhabited islands, with 7 major islands, and over 13 languages! This leaves a magnitude of space for prospective loving, caring, passionate, and dedicated Filipina wives for you as a bachelor.

Filipinas Take Pride in their Appearance


Not only do Filipinas have aggressively and arguably dominant self-care in hygiene, but they also take pride in their physique—many running, eating smarter, and being very (holistically at times) nutritionally educated and aware, regardless of education level—as it’s often taught at home.

It’s typically uncommon to find or meet an overweight Filipina, especially in the major cities, such as Manilla, or Angeles City for example. This is a very attractive trait and reality, especially for western men, as some of the leading countries such as the United States are dominating the world in obesity-related illnesses and deaths—starting as young as their mid to late 20’s!

What Chasity Means to Filipinas

Even outside of religious dominance and presence in the Philippines, Filipinas seem to, in majority, take special pride in their virginity, and just lack of promiscuous behavior in general. In fact, many Filipinas will remain virgins into their 20’s, waiting for the right man to sweep her off her feet and marry!

Many western countries and cultures are not only more “open”, but seem to actually openly encourage promiscuousness—which can lead to a lot of unwanted variables, not to exclude STD’s, or sexually transmitted infections.

Filipinas Aren’t as Shy as You Think

a not so shy filipina girl

In comparison to American and European women, for example, Filipina’s really aren’t all that shy, especially when it comes to meeting new friends that are foreigners or ‘courting’ such—as prospective husbands.

Western women on the other hand seem to lean more towards isolating or hiding themselves inside of their smart phones, even in heavily populated (social gathering) locations such as bars or parties—look at Tinder for example, and how easy and social-free “hookups” are now becoming across America and other major western countries.

Filipinas on the other hand are actually very outgoing, though of course naturally the most open when they’re with a friend, or family. Although, ultimately, the ratio of women to men here is outrageously in your favor—and being a foreigner just sweetens the pie and your level of desirability to the many Pinay women found throughout all the various islands!

Cultural Humility

Humility and culture seem to go hand-in-hand with most Filipinas, and is an extremely desirable personality trait for any man—but especially those coming from western countries.

Filipinas, are by nature, much more humble than other women across the globe as many come from severe financial hardship, a lack of opportunities, but most significantly a lack of exposure to materialism and the “fast life” as seen or experienced in major global cities—such as NYC for example.

Their sense and level of humility, in combination with their cultural values, make Filipina women real go-getters and extremely attractive to foreign men!

Any foreigner man would love the idea of having a wife that’s likely to be the best possible mom, cook, expert at taking care of the kids, and really keeping the house together—that is, as men are typically seen as the “bread winners” in the Philippines—although that isn’t to say that there aren’t plenty of go-getters and successful entrepreneurial women here.

In fact, plenty of Filipina women aspire to pursue and obtain college education, high-paying salaried jobs, and business opportunities wherever and however possible!

Ending on Religion

Last but not least, while the Philippines is a very “free” country and people are easily able to be whomever they like and believe in whatever they’d like, religion is definitely prevalent (although not ‘strict’ per say) in many major cities.

Most notably, Catholics seem to dominate many areas in terms of religion, along with Christians. Western and foreign men in general are inclined to value such spiritual characteristics in a woman, as this seems to be a diminishing quality in many western countries women in today’s modern world!

All in all, if you’re seeking a new relationship, with a mutually pleasurable give and take, someone who will be trustworthy and equally committed in making a future and family with, then a Filipina is just the right fit for you, and their elegant beauty will make the encounter and experience all the more incredible!

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