Why Foreign Men Love Filipinas

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Men love the idea of finding and marrying the Filipina woman of their dreams. Filipinas have a strong heritage and are deep rooted within their own culture—arguably of similar nature to that of Latina’s if you take into account their close, family oriented values and love for God.

To top it off, Filipinas are naturally sexy and appealing. Filipinas don’t require much cosmetics or any surgical “changes” to be more beautiful than they already are.

While some Filipina girls desire to look like Western or American women by bleaching their hair Blonde and other random colors or wearing contacts, this should not be assumed to be ‘the norm’—in fact, if you find yourself surrounded by these types of Filipinas, it may be advisable to move away from that main city or Western influence if it’s not to your liking.

We say this, because such Filipinas with this personality type are known to be more of the “playgirl” type, or the ones that will play games or wind up cheating on you—or in a worst case scenario be one of the few that seem to have an insatiable taste for meeting and befriending multiple foreign men for whatever reasons.

Filipinos Stick Together

A cultural dynamic that many foreigners or visitors might miss is indeed the reality that Filipinos heavily stick together. They don’t let their own get messed with, abused, or mistreated under any circumstances. That’s right, so think twice before you make that potentially unwanted sexual advance or flirtatious comment when riding public transportation—as it could be looked down upon and even trigger an unwanted confrontation.

On a more positive note, thanks to Filipinos sticking together by nature, that means when you fall in love and get to meet and be a part of your Filipinas family, that they too will stick together and naturally protect you with their life. This is a huge plus and great reason why men are attracted to Filipinas in more ways than one—how many women do you know from your country that stick together or ‘ride and die’ so willingly for their own? Many modern countries and societies commonly have more of a ‘you’re on your own’ or ‘every man for himself’ mentality—unfortunately.

Filipino values are very admirable, unique, and arguably cultural ethics that we do not see, let alone as intensely, in our native countries. Speaking of intense, Filipina’s are passionate about their man and aim to please.

Passionate and Dedicated to Your Happiness


Filipinas—by nature—are committed to pleasing their husband and loved ones. Thanks to this, you can always expect your Filipina to stick by your side, be affectionate, compassionate, and aim to please you and your future family on a consistent basis. If she isn’t this type, it’s advisable to find one that is—as there’s plenty!

Filipinas are very fond of dancing, music, and adventuring. These are just to name a few of some of the most seemingly common cultural trends to-date. Thanks to this, your new Filipina love will enjoy taking you on adventures, to parties, “bar hopping” and just hanging out and meeting new people in new ways you’ve never experienced before!

Filipinas are very open-minded, and originate in a very free country by all means. Thanks to this, they are more open to new ideas, cultural differences, and molding a bit towards societal expectations you may have for your prospective Filipina wife—within reason, provided you find one with this desired “personality” to match such a willingness to adapt and make you happy.

A Desire to Explore and Provide


Filipinas naturally have a burning desire inside their hearts to not only adventure and explore new cultures, languages, places and people, but also to join these aspirations and combine them with providing more adequately and uniquely for their future family.

This means that not only will your Filipina strive every day to make sure you’re well fed—and they’re awesome cooks by nature thanks to their close relationship with their parents—but also make good faith efforts throughout their lives to further their education and career prospective so that they too can give back to or contribute towards the financial stability of your family together.

These are understandably huge turn-ons to any man, but especially foreigners or Western men since these mentalities are not as common in our native countries.

Feminine and Proud of It

Filipinas are naturally very feminine, always making sure they look their best for even a trip to the corner store, and take great pride in their beauty. Even better, most are very modest so you don’t have to worry about your woman constantly seeking the approval or opportunities to have other men flirt with them.

Filipinas have naturally dark, wavy hair that give them the appearance of a real life Asian princess. They love to smell good, have a great taste in style—regardless of their budgets or upbringing—and strongly value looking their best for their man—so not regrets post-marriage or “letting themselves go” gentlemen!

Due to being feminine and commonly classy and respectable women, Filipinas especially adore the thought of being with a foreign or Western man who will be chivalrous towards her, passionate, and openly connected or loving towards her in any environment.

Even better, Filipinas love feeling secure and protected, so that’s where you come in!

Why Filipinas Love Western Men


Unfortunately, Filipinas come from a country and culture that naturally consists of more often than not “playboys” or men (and husbands) that one way or another wind up either cheating on them, and or physically abusing them. Coming from such a machoistic culture, they especially crave and fall in love with the idea of being with a man (a foreigner) who will treat them better and how they believe they deserve to be treated!

When in Doubt, Take a Number

When in doubt, take a number, and we mean that literally gentlemen. The ratio of women to men in the Philippines is incredibly in your favor. So take advantage of that, don’t be afraid to collect a few numbers, and also consider that there are definitely some “playgirls” out there too, so use your common sense, take it one day at a time, and always make it a point to ask around and meet the friends and family of your newfound love and prospective wife.

Happy Travels!

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